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  The Saturday Star reaches more Managers/Professionals than the Globe and Post Combined. (Source: NADbank 2008 Full Study. Toronto CMA, Adults 18+)  


The following are links to information about advertising Deadlines, Ad Specifications, and the electronic submission of ads. Contact us if you require additional information.

Creative must arrive three business days prior to the start of the campaign.

Online Advertising Specifications
Click here if you require in-depth specifications (PDF), or contact us

Ad Unit Specs (pixels) Media Format Byte Size
Big Box 300 x 250 GIF/JPEG 20K
  300 x 250 Rich Media 25K
Leaderboard 728 x 90 GIF/JPEG 25K
  728 x 90 Rich Media 30K
Slug 300 x 50 GIF/JPEG 25K
  300 x 50 Rich Media 30K

Please see your sales representative for detailed specs for other ad submissions and special executions.

Ad Submission Information
Please send all creative to:

Files to be uncompressed, or compressed in a ZIP format.

Please include the destination URL for all ads. Alt text is optional.

Please include HTML documents when required.