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In 1922, The Star becomes a pioneer in the broadcast field by establishing its own radio station CFCA.

ENVIRONMENTS is an award-winning news, information and entertainment site that attracts visitors who are affluent, educated and influential decision-makers; as well as youth from all over Ontario and the rest of the world. The site offers visitors continually updated news coverage, Pod Casts, breaking stories plus a whole suite of contextual articles and features about local, regional, and international events. You can connect with a highly desirable audience that comes to every day seeking news and information targeted directly to their needs.

Click on the environment title to access the current live page.

Your advertising will be seen by web savvy, educated, affluent Internet users who rely on as their source of trusted, relevant and breaking news.

"Whatever happens in the city happens in the pages of GTA. It`s a reflection of Toronto and its surrounding region - a section dedicated solely to where you live." - John Ferri, Night Editor

A third of all visitors to are business decision-makers with purchasing power for products and services that span a multitude of industries.

Our business, editorial and special sections content is informative and consultative, covering the gamut from online investing, wealth management, insurance, mutual funds plus key small business tips and content.

Up-to-date sports stories occurring all around the world keep visitors coming back for more. Reaching the hard-core sports enthusiast or the armchair critic becomes easy because we’re homerun hitters with sports news junkies!

Our entertainment section features stories and content about local festivals, concerts, live theatre, movie offerings, book reviews, and dining out. Savour the celebrity gossip and news about whoís who and fascinating.

Capture the attention of our entertainment-hungry visitors with advertising thatís relevant to their interests.

Our Life section is all about Lifestyle: food, fashion, health, religion, pets, technology, recipes, parenting, and shopping. There is a very popular blog from fashion legend Jeanne Beker and live chats with Ellie. As well as other intriguing topics that are relevant to our readerís daily lives.

14% of the Toronto Star readers also go online to read the classifieds
(Source: PMB 2012 Spring Study Cdns. 18+, Toronto Star 7 day CUME readership)

77% of the Toronto Star website visitors have been on vacation in the past 12 months. This is 11% higher than the national average
(Source: PMB /ComScore 2011 Spring Study Cdns. 18+, Toronto Star monthly online visitors)

The travel stories featured in our sections are both informative and entertaining which keeps visitors coming back often during the week. Make travellers in the market for a trip, or those just browsing for news and information on, your potential consumers.

The Toronto Starís premiere Wheels content online!

Weekly podcasts moderated by the Wheels editor with Norris McDonald provides visitors with the latest news from the automotive world. The car finder feature is an excellent source for consumers looking for news, auto manufacturer comparisons and competitive analysis.