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  The Saturday Star reaches more Managers/Professionals than the Globe and Post Combined. (Source: NADbank 2008 Full Study. Toronto CMA, Adults 18+)  


The proliferation of the web has enabled astute advertisers and marketers to tap into a medium that offers creative solutions. In addition, you can gain access to key customers who are often difficult to reach with traditional media.

According to comScore Media Metrix Canada, there are 22.2 million internet users in Canada. The digital media universe grew by 5% from January 2009-January 2012.

Also, the Internet Advertising Bureau of Canada identified the following top four reasons to advertise online:

1. Generate trial of product or service for first-time buyers.

2. Increase brand awareness and use of the brand.

3. Cross-sell other brands from the same company.

4. Test different copy concepts and pricing models.

  • No other medium is more measurable, transactional or interactive than online!
  • Today, the online medium is an integral part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Whether it's using out-of-the box creative or targeting specific customers through web-behaviour or demographic data, you can engage your customers online.
  • Canadians are online! In North America, Canada ranks #1 in Internet penetration:
  • Canadian time spent on the internet is one of the highest in the world and is nearly double the world average and is 13% ahead of the United States
  • Source: ComScore Canada Digital Future in Focus 2012
  • Approx 40% of Canadians live in Ontario and The Toronto Star is the #1 online Newspaper in Ontario

Source: Statistics Canada January 2011 Demographic Estimates & ComScore Media Metrics January 2012

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