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  The Saturday Star is read by more Toronto women, age 25-49 with a university plus education, than the Globe and Post combined. (Source: NADbank 2008 Full Study. Toronto CMA, Adults 18+)  


No other medium is more measurable, transactional or interactive than online.

Today, the online medium is an integral part of any comprehensive marketing campaign. Whether it's using out-of-the box creative or targeting specific customers through web-behaviour or registration data, you can engage your customers online.

Canadians are online. In North America, Canada ranks #1 in Internet penetration:

  • Canadian time spent on the internet is one of the highest in the world and is nearly double the world average and is 13% ahead of the United States (Source: ComScore Canada Digital Future in Focus 2012)
  • On average, Canadian Internet Users spend the same amount of time online as they do watching TV (Source Ipsos Reid "Canadian Interactive Reid Report 2011 Fact Guide)
  • 86% Canadian Internet Users have visited a newspaper website; 34% do so at least weekly (Source Ipsos Reid "Canadian Interactive Reid Report 2011 Fact Guide)
  • 76% Canadian Internet Users believe that online news sources are faster at reporting breaking news (Source Ipsos Reid "Canadian Interactive Reid Report 2011 Fact Guide pg. 3)
  • Approx 40% of Canadians live in Ontario and The Toronto Star is the #1 online Newspaper in Ontario (Source: Statistics Canada January 2011 Demographic Estimantes & ComScore Media Metrics January 2012)


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