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  The Saturday Star is read by more Toronto women, age 25-49 with a university plus education, than the Globe and Post combined. (Source: NADbank 2008 Full Study. Toronto CMA, Adults 18+)  


Standard Advertising Modules
The Toronto Star provides a selection of 24 advertising modules that have been created for your use.

Creative Advertising Modules
The Toronto Star has created creative ad shapes and placements for use by our advertisers:

- Single Page (12 options provided)
- Double Page (9 options provided)
- Special Positions (6 options provided)

These creative shapes have been designed to fit with our editorial so that ads and editorial work in concert for an impactful reader experience.

If there are other creative shapes or placements that you would like to explore, we welcome your ideas.

Anchored Positions
We have key positions within our paper that can be requested by advertisers. In some cases, a premium will apply.

Make your message more prominent by using multiple pages within a section and/or inserting a flyer or magazine into the paper.

Have your message be the first one readers see by using our polybags, post-it notes or tag-ons. Sampling is also available.

Creative Ad Examples
Creative ways advertisers have delivered their message within the pages of the Toronto Star. Powerpoint can be accessed through the link. For further examples, view the videos below. (Click to open in Windows Media Player, to save to desktop, right-click and "Save Target as.....")