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  In 1934, The Toronto Star carried more display advertising than any other paper in North America other than the Washington Star.  


Make an impact through the use of multiple pages in Toronto Star.

1. Dominate a section with 4 sequential pages within the Toronto Star

2. Insert your flyer or magazine right into the Toronto Star.
Talk to us about targeting the delivery of your insert by forward sortation area - FSA - through home delivery or by single copy zone.

Get more details in our Insert Program Media Kit (PDF)

The Star can also print your inserts. Get more details in our Print & Distribute Rate Card (PDF)


Position your advertising message as a billboard on Toronto Star subscribers' doorsteps. Advertisers who utilize these advertising opportunities ensure their message stands out because they are the first thing the home delivery customer sees.
Options include Tag-ons, Polybags, and Post -ItŪ NOTES.
Each outsert option is available for Home Delivery only and may be purchased by FSA.

For more details see our Outsert Program Media Kit (PDF)

NEW - Front Page Stickers are now also available .
See Front Page Sticker Rate Card (PDF) for more details

Contact us for an advertising program uniquely tailored to suit your needs.