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  The Saturday Star is read by more Toronto women, age 25-49 with a university plus education, than the Globe and Post combined. (Source: NADbank 2008 Full Study. Toronto CMA, Adults 18+)  

Front ImageWelcome to the city`s biggest, most-read classified section. On any given Saturday, we have more readers (and therefore more buyers) in the Toronto CMA than the Sun, Globe and Post combined. In fact, when it comes to Classified advertising, the Toronto Star is the runaway choice as the one publication with the most useful classifieds ... even readers of other Toronto daily newspapers rank the Star #1 for Classifieds.* Also, our Star Classified website gets over one million page views per month. So whether you`re selling, renting or hiring, the Toronto Star`s huge readership can get you fast results!

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*Source: Toronto Star Ad Placers Study, 2002